WordPress Site Protection and Monitoring

WordPress is an awesome website platform that makes SEO and other important parts of your website easy.  Unfortunately, it can make protecting your website more challenging than ever before.


WordPress Site Protection and Monitoring

WordPress is a great platform to help you make beautiful websites quickly.  Those same attributes can work against you when it comes to security.  Let us secure your website, back it up, put in a proactive monitoring platform and update your website and components whenever new ones are released.  The key to WordPress Security is updating the components when new security patches are released which happens several times a week for most sites.  And let’s do this with a guarantee: If your website is compromised while part of our program we will provide up to 8 hours of expertise restoring the website (already included in your package).

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Protecting WordPress

We use the leader in WordPress website protection and combine that with customized settings to create the most secure website we can for you.  We then connect it to a centralized monitoring console where we can monitor your website proactively.  We provide daily backups and setup a backup routine that fits your needs. One of the keys to WordPress security is applying security updates as soon as they become available which can be several times per week. You do not want to spend every day checking your website to see if there are new components that need to be installed to secure it. 


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