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Information Technology Essentials Assessment

Most companies don’t where where they are, where to start or what to do when it comes to Information Technology.  That’s why we start with the Essentials Assessment to help you understand where you are , where to start, and a road map to where you want to be. 

Email Protection

Most email protection systems start and end at the desktop or at the server.   Why wait until the email is in your system to check it for attacks.  We scan the email before it is inside your company because it just makes sense to stop it before it is inside your walls

Phishing Testing

You are the best driver on the road, just ask you.  People think the same when it comes to Phishing, they will never fall for it only other people fall for it.  Let us test and find out.

Dark Web Monitoring

We scan areas of the web where information is being bought and sold so we can warn you and guide you when your information apears for sale. The more assets and information you have to protect, the more important this is in fighting breaches.

Desktop Protection

Protecting your desktop is central to great security.  We provide anti-virus, anti-malware, web browsing protection and other services for the desktop.  All centrally managed and monitored for you. 

Security Awareness Training

The most important part of a great defense is the people in the organization. Empower your people to spot and stop attacks.

Web Site Protection

Your Website is your forward face to your clients.  Always put your best foot forward by protecting your reputation by protecting your website.