Joel Van Kylen 

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Rudy Bochek

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VanBo Cyber Security

Cyber security should not be scary or hamstring your business. It should protect and
grow your business. You don’t have to do everything at once. The important thing is
to start simple and build. If you do the basics you can improve the confidentiality,
integrity, and availability of your data giving confidence to your partners, customers,
and customers to be. If we all do the basics, the world will be a safer place.
Protect the value of what you have and spend on security according to the value of
what you are protecting. Remember you are protecting your business, your reputation
and your lifestyle.

We offer both industry specific and individual programs to suit your needs.

Industries: Healthcare, Financial, Manufacturing, Marketing, Legal.
Products: Email Protection, Phishing Simulations, Dark Web Monitoring, Desktop
Protection, Cyber Security Audit, Cyber Security Awareness Training, Industry
Compliance Training, Sexual Harassment Prevention Training, Website Protection